Fawsley Solar Farm


Elgin Energy EsCo Ltd., is seeking to develop a ground mounted solar PV farm of approx. 12 MW on the land located at Fawsley Estate, Daventry, NN11 3BA.

The development will occupy approximately 23.5 ha of agricultural land and is located 1.3km to the east of Charwelton, approximately 2.5k m west of the village of Preston Capes, and directly south of Fawsley Estate. This website has been created as part of the pre-planning process in order to allow for comments and feedback from interested parties before the planning application is submitted.

It is important to note that the project is evolving through detailed design and stakeholder consultation. We suggest that you visit the website from time to time to check on developments or changes to the project.


Public Consultation

Additionally, we would like to invite you to attend our face-to-face public consultation that will be held between 3pm – 7pm, the 6th of September 2022, in Badby Village Hall, The Green, Daventry NN11 3AF.

Key benefits:
The proposed Fawsley Solar Farm will produce clean renewable energy, contributing to local and national energy targets with additional benefits to include:

  • Retention of existing trees, hedges and ponds;
  • Additional landscaping including hedge and tree planting around the site boundaries;
  • A significant ‘net gain’ in biodiversity as a result of the landscape scheme and of the fact that solar farms take less than 5% of the ground they occupy, leaving the rest of the land for biodiversity enhancement in a protected space;
  • Dual use of land with clean energy production and sheep farming.

Sheep grazing between rows of solar panels
  • Fawsley Estate Daventry, NN11 3BA
  • 12 MW PV Approximate Project Size
  • 58 acres Site Area
  • Daventry District Council

Project Booklet

To learn more about the proposed solar PV farm at Fawsley Solar Farm, please download the project information leaflet.